Danish design by PJ Production & Hans Thyge & Co

When you cannot enjoy the benefits of going outside at work, bring the outside indoors and get houseplants for the office environment. Their vibrant leavers not only perk up the desk, but they are proven to give a much-needed breath of fresh air. And since the majority of all people are staying inside 80-90% of their lifespan, green plants at the office is crucial for the well-being, health, and working capacity. 

Create a contrasting expression at the decoration of the office environment with the timeless flowerbox. Fill it with flowers at the reception, rolled towels at the bathroom, or spices in the kitchen. The flowerbox is delivered with a size-matching plasticbox to translocations of green plants. If you prefer a more personal expression, fill the flowerbox with your favorite books and plants in personal pots.

The flowerbox has a sophisticated and timeless design, where the combination between the multi clamps and the flowerbox is perfectly expressed. Try, for example, to mount the flowerbox at the box in order to create a room-in-the- room, which automatically gives the employee at the table a delimiting feeling. And by planting gigher flowers, this feeling with definitely support the feeling of delimiting. 


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Item number: 6000-0041-7033

Colour: Danish Dusty Green


Item number: 6000-0041-5008

Colour: Nordic Dark Blue


Item number: 6000-0041-9000

Colour: Scandinavian Matte Black