A table series with a distinctive organic shape that supports multiple functions in the office. The tables can function as a collaborative island or be placed in a line. It is both space-saving and attractive for hot desking. The tables are currently available in two sizes and two colors (light gray and black).


When we design, we don't compromise on quality. We have chosen linoleum tabletops with edges made of the same material, as linoleum is the optimal choice for several reasons. Its low carbon footprint significantly reduces the impact on the climate, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, linoleum is synonymous with sustainability and long-lasting durability, making it an investment in a resilient material that preserves the quality and aesthetics of the design over time, while also saving resources in the long run.

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Two different dimensions

Cluster Tables Small island
Cluster Tables Big Island
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The tables can stand alone without accessories, but depending on the purpose, it makes sense to add desk seperation, storage solutions, or cable management. At APTO, we specialize in office accessories that go the extra mile for employees. Feel free to contact us for further consultation.  

Transportable Desk Divider

Transportable Desk Divider
News: A transportable desk divider that gives the feeling of private space. er lavet i filt, med håndtag i toppen, der gør den nem at flytte rundt på. Foden i bunden er i tilsvarende filt.

Adapt Board Cluster Tables

Adapt Board 1000 mm
Bestseller: The APTO Adapt Board is already placed on countless desks thanks to its multifunctional properties. The perfect solution for clean desk oriented workplaces.

Office Box under Table

Office Box
News: Hot desking, as the term is called, has become part of several workplaces after the Corona pandemic. But what do you do with your belongings when your table is not yours alone? Here is the answer.

APTO Cluster Collection teamwork


Cluster tables create an environment where teamwork and collaboration naturally flourish. The physical proximity and accessibility to colleagues foster a dynamic workplace that is well-suited for modern, collaborative-oriented work.

Benefits of this setup

Promotes communication and collaboration

Activates creativity

Easy access to collaboration

Flexibility and adaptation for various tasks and activities

APTO Cluster Collection Hot Desking

Hot Desking

In the context of modern work habits and technological advancements, hot desking has proven to be an attractive solution for companies looking to optimize their workspace and promote a more collaborative and flexible work environment.

Benefits of this setup


Space optimization

Promotes collaboration without compromising personal space 

Increases opportunities to network with multiple colleagues

Enhances work-life balance


Our interior collections offer a wide range of furniture, workstations, storage solutions and more. From modern and minimalist designs to timeless and classic styles, there is something for every taste and decor style.

APTO EXTEND cover menu.jpg


Build and design rooms with EXTEND COLLECTION. A scalable shelving system that offers unlimited possibilities for zoning.

Cover Clamp.png


Create, change and adapt with APTO CLAMP COLLECTION, consisting of 12 stylish and multifunctional solutions for the office, reception, restaurant and meeting room.

Cover Adapt.png


With APTO ADAPT COLLECTION, it is possible to create and adapt your surroundings exactly to your individual needs. Just mix and match your modules.

Cover Filt.png


Think about the environment with APTO FELT COLLECTION. A valuable alternative created in 70% upcycled materials. The felt is also sound-absorbing and creates calm in busy environments.


Our name, which means change and adaptation in Portuguese, reflects our vision. We are dedicated to being resilient to change and masters of the art of adaptation through our four interior collections.

APTO aims to transform the traditional, linear approach to office design. Our solutions are designed to be as flexible and multifunctional as possible and are designed with durability in mind, so they can be integrated again and again into different designs.

We believe that a well-designed office environment can inspire and improve the workplace. That’s why we combine aesthetics and functionality in our furniture and fixtures. Each piece is carefully crafted with a focus on details, high-quality materials, and sustainable production methods.

At APTO, we strive to be a reliable partner who listens to our customers’ needs and creates tailored solutions for their unique work environments.

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